Learn More about What Mark Hurd and Oracle Are Up to

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"The truth is that technology changes at the blink of an eye. Yesterday’s supercomputer is nothing but a snail within a few short months as technology advances to a level that is beyond words. It is so impressive on how quickly men and women are able to come up with exciting and revolutionary ways to advance the technology in a way that could only have been dreamed about decades ago.

It is because of how quickly innovations develops that those who are running large corporations must have a clear idea of how the industry is moving and be such a visionary that they are able to get ahead of the curve to keep their business at the top. It is people like Steve Jobs at Apple that have done this very thing, and Oracle CEO Mark Hurd finds himself in this short list of incredible executives who have done what many consider to be a difficult and daunting task of predicting how the tech world will move.

The great thing for consumers and tech analysts as well is that they can visit site for Oracle and see exactly what are the ideas and innovations that Mark Hurd is looking to implement with the tech giant. Oracle has quickly developed into one of the leaders and highest grossing technology-based companies on the planet, and on their site they provide a great deal of information which will help you to know the direction the company is moving.

Mark Hurd has proven to be an innovator in the tech world, saving Hewlett-Packard and taking Oracle to heights that make it one of the largest and most lucrative technology-based companies on the planet. You can learn more about what his visions are for the future as well as what the company is doing by visiting the Oracle website.

Fan Page Domination Program – Get The Training To Earn Huge Money

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "make money online"Fan page domination is a program which can help you in promoting your business over the internet as well as getting paid for it. The program was founded by Anthony Morrison. It is very helpful and provides guidance to the people to boost their earnings. It is an online program that uses Facebook for promoting your business, product or service to maximum number of people across the world. You can read the fan page domination review on the internet for your better understanding.

Step by step execution

This program comprises of four steps that should be executed one after another.

  1. Getting stared: In the first step Anthony will show you how to build a fan page for your business.
  2. Build and grow: In this step Anthony will show you how to post your fan page such that it may generate a huge amount of traffic.
  3. Launch: Anthony will monitor the traffic and will review your fan page for the final time.
  4. Profit: In this last step, he will help you to learn the tactics and tricks that you can use in order to attract customers towards your business as well as making some profit at the same time.

Why use this online program?

Facebook has more than 750,000,000 users which log in multiple times in a day. The advertisement of your company or brand is posted on the Facebook in the form of a contest or quiz. The users participate in these contests and play it in order to win the grand prize. But for playing the contest they need to fill a form that comprises of their basic details. After playing the contest they are redirected towards a survey form that also needs to be filled. You will be paid according to the number of survey forms that are being filled by the users.

Is It Safe To Order Supplements On The Internet?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "supplement"The direct answer would be yes and no. It cannot be generalized, but the answer can be divided. First and foremost, you should determine do you really need supplements or your health is affected by a disease or a condition. Only after that, you should start considering supplements.

All supplements are designed as an addition to your diet and lifestyle, not as diet replacement! Keep this fact in mind when you use them. Once you get a complete idea, it is time to order. Alpha GPC Amazon drew a huge attention lately. There are a lot of positive comments regarding this supplement and almost all people who tried it, use it ever since.

Alpha GPC Amazon is available on this shopping website and on their partners. If we add that all Amazon products must be FDA tested and approved by the local government, we can deduce that this supplement is safe to use. FDA is a US based association that monitors food and drugs in the United States. But, if a product is approved in the United States, chances are high that it is approved in other parts of the world.

Look for feedback from the users

The best way to get an accurate idea about the supplement is to check the feedback of the people who already tried it. Alpha GPC Amazon, as we already mentioned is safe and highly credited by the users. All of this should prove to you that the supplement in question is safe and effective.

Always pay attention to the correct dosage. For example, this supplement is obtained from 600 mg capsules, but each one delivers 300 mg of choline (the main ingredient that is also rated as a vitamin). Following the correct dosage is more than just recommended.

Strong Social Networks Can Stave off Dementia

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Dementia"A team of researchers at California-based Kaiser Permanente tracked the social lives and mental abilities of 2,249 senior women for five years.

One in ten of the women who reported a strong social network suffered from dementia at the end of the study compared to nearly one in five (18%) of the women who had weaker social networks. The study was published in the American Journal of Public Health.

The data from the Kaiser Permanente study echoes results of a larger study conducted by Harvard researchers, published in the same journal. The Harvard research team followed 16,000 men and women over age 50 for six years. The results showed a clear correlation between being socially active and involved and preserving memory and cognitive abilities.

Protect Your Memory

The Alzheimer’s Association has long recognized the relationship between social ties and dementia, including staying socially active as one of the top ten things people can do, besides taking brain pills, to maintain brain health. Being socially active challenges the brain in many ways, including learning new information and new activities. Playing games, being physically active and eating healthfully also rank high on the list of brain-health steps anyone can take.

The growth of social media also offers people new opportunities to socialize. Older adults who might be homebound, have limited mobility or are separated from family and friends by geography can find new ways to connect online. Social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace are developing tools for seniors. Social networking sites allow users to post journal entries, photos, updates and hobby interests while helping to keep everyone in the social network in touch.

Meanwhile, new social networking sites like Eons.com cater specifically to senior adults. In addition to the typical social networking tools such as blogs and chat rooms, Eons.com offers a longevity calculator to help people identify their risks. The site also offers a game room where participants can challenge themselves and their friends to brain stimulating fun.

How to Make Friends

An unfortunate fact is that as people age they lose some of their friends and loved ones and are challenged with making new friends. Although the data shows that social networks are good for both men and women, different genders may find it easier to make friends in different ways.

Men tend to prefer activities where they can be helpful. They are more likely to join Habitat for Humanity and Meals on Wheels, building friendships as they serve other people. Or men might find a place teaching computer or digital photography courses at the senior center.

Women on the other hand may find a home in more socially oriented activities, such as water aerobics or yoga classes, or women’s groups at churches and community centers.

Yet regardless of how friendships are made – in-person or on-line, building a home or visiting with the ladies’ club – the warmth and fun of companionship are also life preserving.

Warning: SEO copywriting can be addictive

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "seo"After 12 years of writing for the web, helping customers with web strategy and teaching and certifying other SEO copywriters, Heather Lloyd-Martin of Success Works still sees people getting so wound up in SEO that they forget their communication goals.

Backlinks, keywords and page descriptions are all important factors in SEO copywriting, but according to Heather, your main focus should always be on the people in your target audience. The human audience always trumps the search engine in Heather’s world.

Get hooked on great content, not SEO metrics

Heather offers keyword density (the number of times a keyword appears in web text represented as a percentage of the total text) as an example of a metric that some SEO experts have always put too much emphasis on.

“Back in the day, and I’m talking mid-nineties or so before the term SEO copywriter even existed, everyone knew that you needed a 5.5% keyword density to get a top search result with Alta Vista. Some people became obsessed with that number. But even then I recognized it as shortsighted to be too focused on a given metric as opposed to focusing on content that adds value for the readers,” she says.

SEO best practices can only take you so far

Heather believes that the basic best practices of SEO copywriting have stayed stable over time, and it’s how you apply them that makes the difference.

“It’s more important to connect with your reader and provide them high-quality content rather than stuff your content full of keywords,” she says.

The big SEO picture

According to Heather, SEO copywriting should never be limited to a focus on search engine results alone. It always has to be put in a wider communication context. By way of example, she points out how people tend to write articles focused around one keyword purely to drive search engine traffic.

“Some people will flood their sites with content without making sure that they’re providing quality content,” she says. “They figure these articles will get great search rankings and traffic-driving links. The reality is that these poorly-written articles don’t provide a good reader experience, so people won’t read them or link to them.”

Any old link will not do

Other companies write controversial “linkbait” articles hoping they’ll drive incoming links. Then again, why buy links when you can get them for free … in masses? However, companies should consider whether that type of post will help or hurt their content marketing strategy.

“For example, someone might want to write a controversial article hoping other sites will pick it up. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But have they considered whether the controversial aspect is good or bad for the brand?”

Facebook? Just one more channel of communication

Heather Lloyd-Martin believes that Search Media Optimization (SMO) is an area that is growing in importance and is crucial for getting found by the search engines. At the same time, however, she emphasizes that as with everything else, it has to be put within the context of the given business situation.

“It’s important for companies to become self-publishers disseminating information through a variety of media and channels. But not every channel will be advantageous for every company.

“For example, Facebook is a media that can get folks talking in a different way, much more casually than on a blog or a website. And that can be a great thing.

“But it’s not necessarily a good idea for a manufacturer of spare parts for the shipping industry, for example, to just pop up a Facebook page without giving it careful consideration. To me, Facebook is just one more way to connect with your customers,” Heather says.

SEO copywriting has two audiences

It’s up to the online copywriter to find the right balance between writing for the search engines and for people. Copy that is found by the search engines does so not only because it follows the best practices of SEO. It does so because ultimately it is relevant and valuable to people.

Installation Of Chromecast Device In Television

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Chromecast"People often tend to use video streaming services in their PC, smart phones or tablet that have small screens. By availing the gadget of Chromecast you can watch the internet content on the big screen of your television. Chromecast is a device that enables you to access online content from Netflix, You Tube and other services on television. For detailed study of Chromecast device, you can visit alterchromecast.com/. This device ranges from 35$ to 70$ excluding sales tax and shipping charges. This technology was launched on July 24, 2013 in U.S. The latest model of Chromecast is Chromecast Ultra and it was recently launched in November 2016.

How to set up Chromecast?

In order to set up Chromecast in your TV, the things required are Chromecast dongle, TV with HDTV port, any mobile device or PC, Wi-Fi connection. A power adapter is also needed in case TV does not have USB port. Setting up Chromecast has been illustrated below step by step

  • Plug HDMI connector of the Chromecast into your TV’s HDMI port. Most of the Chromecast come with short HDMI connector. In that case you can use HDMI extension cable.
  • Attach one end of the USB cable to the micro USB port in the Chromecast and other end to the power adapter and then plug it into the mains power outlet.
  • Now, switch the appropriate input on your TV and select the HDMI input to which the Chromecast had been connected, you would notice that the Chromecast has started working.

Why do you need Chromecast?

With Chromecast you can watch videos, photos and TV shows that you are looking on iPods, iphones, PCs etc. on your television. You can also visit various sites in your television in an efficient manner. You can manage your Chromecast by using a Google cast app and also Chromecast does not require any user interface and remote. All the activities from playback to volume are controlled by your computer or phone. By using this device you can enjoy mobile apps on a big screen.

The Main Aspects To Look For In Trundle Beds

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "trundle bed"Trundle beds are the perfect acquisition if you like having guests spending the night over or you want to teach your children how to share the same room and still have their own privacy when sleeping. But deciding to purchase a couple of trundle beds for whenever guests decide to show off should also consider certain aspects. On this website, you will find everything you need to know about trundle beds and how to choose the perfect one.

What are trundle beds?


The idea behind the trundle bed concept is simple and innovative – another bed of smaller dimensions beneath the regular one. Their smaller dimensions make trundle beds be perfect to room many guests in the same house without putting too much effort and spending too much space. Moreover, trundle beds are perfect for kids and toddlers who want their own sleeping surfaces but still be close to their siblings or parents.


How to choose the perfect size for a trundle bed?


Although slightly smaller than a regular bed, a trundle bed is still designed in two main sizes – the full size bed and the twin size. Choosing the right dimension truly depends on what type of person(s) you want to bed. Children and teenagers can do well with the regular full size bed while larger persons and adults might be better with the twin size bed. No matter your decision, you should bear in mind that trundle beds are the perfect solution for a short period of time and should not be considered as permanent bedding solution for adults or elders.


Another great aspect to take into consideration is the right size of the mattress you will use in the lower bed. As trundle beds are closer to floors, we suggest opting for thicker mattresses or around 10 inch to ensure a good night sleep without morning back pains.

Carrageenan – Harmful Or Harmless

Image associéeCarrageenan is a natural ingredient that is extracted from the red seaweed plant and is declared harmless by the WHO and FAO committee. Many food manufactures use this natural ingredient in their food preparation such as in making yogurt, Chocolate, non dairy milk, desserts and many more. It has been used with almost every packaged food that we buy from grocery store or from any shop. It doesn’t add any flavor nor does it make the food delicious. It is used to retain the moisture in the cooked food for a longer period of time so that it may feel soft and fresh while eating the packaged food. Doing so, the food wastage can be reduced on a large scale as it makes your food long lasting.

Benefits of Carrageenan

There are few benefits of using this natural ingredient. Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

  • Suitable for vegetarians: It is suitable for vegetarians as it is prepared by natural means and is extracted from a sea plant. There is no meat involved while creating the product.
  • Natural ingredient: It is extracted from natural sea algae and prepared using natural ways. So, it is perfectly natural and safe to use but in a limited amount.
  • In Medication: It is very helpful in treating many types of medical conditions and disorders such as constipation, Intestinal swelling and pain, cold and cough, ulcers and is also helpful in weight loss. This natural ingredient is mixed with many medicines, as well as in many weight loss supplements.

Harmful or harmless

This natural ingredient is made available in two types: Food Grade Carrageenan and degraded Carrageenan. Food grade type is prepared using natural ways and is also considered to be safe for using it in food products. Degraded Carrageenan is prepared using harmful acids and the prepared ingredient is of poor quality as well.

Say NO to facial hair! Best epilators for face is here!

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "epilator face"Facial hair is a cause of concern for almost all women however the gravity of the situation increases in some women who have thick coarse noticeable hair. Their self esteem takes a dip and move southward and they try our various methods to get rid of the unwanted hair. Two of the most popular methods is waxing and shaving. Both these methods fail to bring in a long term relief as they are unable to pluck out the deep rooted ingrown hair and suffer from quick re-growth.

The good news is, best epilators for face is here to stay and has brought along tried and tested benefits. Bleaching, threading and depilatory creams have a short term unsatisfying effect that has paved the way for epilators for facial hair. Some facts are significant to note before you zero in on a specific epilator from a host of choices to suit your need and lifestyle.

Why epilate your face? The epilator pluck out the hair from its roots thus weakening the root and it will take longer time to re grow unlike the quick growth that is associated with bleaching, threading, waxing and shaving. The growth of hair is stunted with use of epilators and the hairs are soft and fine making it less noticeable hence you need not epilate your face more often. Since epilating can be painful, the lesser need of epilating is great news for women. The skin feels soft and smooth after epilating and stays on for 2-3 weeks.

Decide on electric or manual epilator depending on your lifestyle and budget. Epilators are available in open market to suit different hair types. For example, we recommend you use Bellabe spring for softer, finer hair but Braun for thicker denser hair and Emjoi AP is best if hair growth is a result of PCOS.

About The Famous Personality Mark Hurd

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"This world is full of famous personalities out of which many have got their name because of their background while many are there who have reached this position because of their hard work and dedication. One of these personalities is Mark Hurd CO-CEO of Oracle Corporation. He contributed a lot for oracle because of which he is at this position. He started his career by becoming one of the members of sales department in NCR Corporation. Later, because of his willingness and dedication he was given the position of Co-CEO. Apart from NCR Corporation, he has also worked as a CEO in HO and now he is serving as a CEO in Oracle.

Some important decisions of Mark

CEO Mark Hurd always focused on the welfare of the customers and his main aim was to satisfy their needs and to make sure that they are getting the advantages of their technology. He takes decision after analyzing and doing necessary research and taking the views of the customer. His decisions are truly focused and most importantly are taken after considering all the important members no matter whether they are shareholders, investors, financial supporters or board members.

His strategies are quite risky but they always proved to be effective and efficient and all these things led to successful growth of the Corporation. Along with success in professional life, he is also successful in his personal life. He is not only a good businessman but he also proved to be a good husband and father. Mark has received many awards and other memorable achievements and his name was also listed many times in famous business magazines such as Forbes, 2.0, CRNs and many more. It is ascertained that after joining Oracle he brought many changes in the field of technology and he upgraded it 30 years more with the help of his leadership quality which is quite important for any businessman.