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4 ways to tell if a guy is really into you

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "dating"When you go out on dates, you are really anxious and eager to know that the person you like is really into you. Guys show some gestures which can prove that they are really into you and they would want to be with you. chatten met vreemden is a common way to find out if a guy likes you or not. Dates can find out many things and some of the ways to decide if some guy really likes you are listed as under:

  • The manner in which he sees you: Guys look with intense feelings to the eyes of the girls whom they really like. If they look at your eyes or if they stare at them, then you should be sure that he really likes you and you can take a step forward.
  • Find his personality trait: When you are with your guy, there is a probability that he will not check out other girls and will be with you completely. He will constantly try to keep himself in his standards and he will be conscious with his clothes and the way he speaks. This is a clear sign that he likes you.
  • If he flirts with you: Healthy flirting is necessary and if your guy tries his level best to flirt with you, then you should be some percent sure that he likes you. The time when you pass by him, he will always give you smiles and he will all be giggly when he is with you.
  • Start a conversation with you: The simple thing that you can check out is that the man who really loves you will always come up to you himself and he will try to start conversations with you. He will try to find out what you like and act accordingly .

5 Pros of online dating

Image associéeDating can be physically or it can even be through online. With the advancement in technology, man zoekt vrouw has become online and people seem to enjoy the new style of dating to their very best. People have  been in serious relationships when they are dating online and during the process they are also getting married with the love of their lives. There are many pros of online dating because of which it is getting famous day by day. Some of the many benefits of online dating are listed as under:

  • Correctness of the partner: When you date online, you simply jot down all your requirements and your wishes and desires and you come in contact with those people who really match up to your expectations most of the time. If you don’t like someone, you can easily give a clean chit in this case.
  • No tension of getting face to face: Most people are shy and they find it hard to open up to someone very easily. In this case, online dating is the most appropriate thing because you simply have to chat on a computer and this also provides you with ample time to know the other person better.
  • More choices near you: When you date from your social circle, the thing is that you are just confined to that particular area. Whereas when you date online, you can choose from a wide circle of people and this leaves you with enough options.
  • Rejection becomes far less easy: It is hard to reject a person on the face but when you reject someone over the Internet, it really hurts you a lot less and you can move ahead in your life faster.
  • Much secured: Online dating is quite secured because people don’t come to know your real name and address easily and it saves you from a lot of mishaps that might occur in the long run.

Guys? Here’s what you need to know about your first date.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "dating"The first impression is indeed, the last impression.  Creating a first good impression will go a long way in making the date a memorable one.  Make sure you dress well, take care of your basic hygiene and make sure you carry yourself well.  And be confident – confident still remains the best accessory one can sport!


Be on time.  Even if it means you are there a good 15 minutes earlier. Women hate having to wait for a guy; but do be more forgiving if she is a little late coming in.


Make sure you compliment her only if you genuinely feel she deserves it.  For example, if you notice she has taken pain over her hairstyle, say so.  But don’t mouth empty words just for the heck of being nice.  Women can sense phoniness in a man – so be genuine.  This also does not mean you are tight-lipped and never say a positive word! Observe her keenly, and if you notice anything good, be generous in your compliments.


Expect her to be as nervous as you are.  So, when she arrives, spend the first few minutes trying to help her relax.  Maybe you could fetch her a soft drink, and loosen the mood a little with some light-hearted banter. This should help her settle down so that you can now talk about more relevant things and get to know each other better.


And, for God’s sake, put your phone on the silent mode.  Nothing can be more frustrating for the woman than a man who keeps fidgeting with his phone, while she is trying to make conversation.  If there is a very critical call that you absolutely have to attend to, do so, but only after briefly telling her about the urgency of the call.  And, once you are through with it, do apologize to compensate.


And finally, if you are getting yourself stuff to eat and/or drink at the coffee shop or restaurant or any other place you went to, do offer to pay.  In all probability, a self-made and independent woman would offer to pay too, or at the very least, would want to go Dutch.  But, it is never out of fashion for a man to be chivalrous. So, do the honours and leave her with a lasting impression! Man zoekt vrouw can be fun, with a little planning and care.

Practice safety – Be safe!

Image associéeOnline man zoekt vrouw  – this concept is changing the way the world is dating. While this is novel it is not without its own dangers.  Taking a few precautions during online dating could go a long way in keeping you safe and out of potential danger.


Firstly, please remember, when you embark on an online journey in search of companionship, you are making yourself open to people you don’t know at all.  All sorts of people could walk in through those open doors – trust me, not many of them would be genuine souls you would want to have in your life.


Do not divulge in too much personal information online.  Of course, people may want to know where you come from, but it is not necessary to give them explicit details of the home you live in, the area and the street. You certainly don’t want up to-no-good strangers stalking you at odd hours.


Keep someone close to you informed about your date and your whereabouts.  Tell them precisely where you are going to and the fact that you can be reached, if needed. If there is a change of location mid-way through a date, do make sure you keep the person informed on the changes.  It is possible to get carried away on the date and forget these little things – but always remember, safety comes first.  This is not to say that online dates are potentially dangerous; most of them are quite safe, but better to be safe than sorry.


If you are planning on posting pictures on online dating sites, be sure to use exclusive pictures that are used only on these sites.  Do not use photos used in other media, for example, LinkedIn or Facebook or else where on the web. When a google search is performed using these photographs, a lot of information would be revealed about yourself, which you certainly wouldn’t want some random online bloke to know about.


And finally, if you do get to meet the person, make sure your meeting in planned in a safe place, frequented by other people.  Be extra careful and avoid secluded places.  Also, please remember that getting drunk on such a date would be like giving an open invitation to lurking dangers.  Avoid it at all costs. And, be safe!


Don’t – things not to do for that lasting first impression

  • Image associéeThe first thing to remember in dating for the first time, to never to mix drinks and the date. A glass of sherry or wine may be fine but stop it there.  Your purpose is not to get drunk – there are other occasions for that.  Now you need to focus on your date and drinking should be the last priority on your mind.
  • Don’t expect too much out of the date. It’s always beneficial to go to a date with an open mind and low expectations. That way anything that happens on a positive note could be a great way in taking the relationship forward.  On the other hand, if you’ve started with high expectations and things don’t go your way, you could end up with the date feeling like a bitter pill.
  • Don’t appear desperate to please the other person. Of course you need to care about his or her interests, but this does not mean you become a doormat and put up with everything the other person says and does, even if it annoys you.  If you don’t like something, be very polite and courteous, but do say it.  Open communication is always at the heart of any good relationship.
  • Don’t appear too clingy and needy. Nothing can put off anyone more than someone who needs all our attention just so that they can feel good.  Most men and women appreciate independent self-made people who can stand their own at any point of time.
  • Remember, man zoekt vrouw is about sharing, caring and getting to know each other better; not being over-possessive and desperately in need of companionship.
  • It is possible that you may have been closely following your guy or girl on social media prior to the date. This is understandable as in all probability, you are trying your best to get to know them better.  But, don’t give them the idea that you have been stalking them through their activities.  It fends to give a creepy feeling and nobody would want to be associated with people who give no personal space.


These are just some of the essential don’t for a great date.  Practice these and have a great time!


If Looks could kill!

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "dating"Hello, young lady!  Just confirmed a date?  So, wondering what to wear to create that lasting impression?  You are not alone.  For all those looking for some help, this is meant to do exactly that.

Depending on the season when the man zoekt vrouw plan is on, make sure you dress keeping in mind the natural elements.  You don’t want to keep shivering in the cold, if it’s winter just because you wanted to show off your well-toned arms in that sleeveless tank top! Dressing sensibly is the first thing to keep in mind.  Also consider the tone of the date – is it a causal outing to a movie, a coffee shop or it is something more formal, like dinner in a top-notch restaurant.  The former calls for a causal outfit – you can rely on your favourite pair of skinny jeans to do the job for you – team with this one of your perky tees or a soft, flowery tunic.  If a formal dinner is the occasion, wear something more dressy, maybe a silk maxi dress.  Choose colours and fabrics that are known to compliment your looks.  And make it’s a well-fitting dress – neither too loose nor too tight. Do not wear revealing costumes on the first date – this can easily send across the wrong message – you do not want to be viewed as cheap and ease game.


Where make up is concerned, if your unsure, a safe option would be to go for less.  Keep it as close to your natural look as possible. With day-time days, you could easily get away with just a touch of your favourite lipstick or that smudge-free kohl-lined look.  For evenings, a slightly more enhanced look with a touch of colour on the cheeks would more in your favour.


Wearing jewellery or not is purely a matter of personal choice.  A string of how-quality pearls would be a classy dinner outfit accessory with a clutch in a matching tone to highlight the sheen of the pearls.  Casual movie dates can get away with a touch of funky jewellery.  However, do not wear loud, screaming pieces, no matter how much they complement your looks.  Simplicity does remain the highest sophistication anyday!


Most young ladies are hesitant on whether to wear a perfume or not.  Wear one, it adds a sense of intrigue; however, do make sure you keep bare enough to just pass on a fragrant whiff.  Do not over douse yourself – you do not want to end up smelling like a perfumery! Also, a lot of men are not very tolerant to strong smells – they could end be easily put off by your fragrance – so, remember, minimal is always a safe rule.


Finally, no matter what you wear, make sure you are perfectly comfortable wearing it.  Nothing kills a date more effectively than a nervous woman fidgeting with her clothes. Be yourself and give him the expression that no matter what you wear, you will always carry it off effortlessly with aplomb!


Eat-Clean Diet for Family and Kids Book

Tosca Reno, bestselling author of The Eat-Clean Diet and the once overweight mom turned fitness model and competitor, takes eating clean a step further in her latest book and provides suggestions to parents about how to not only eat clean themselves, but also how to get kids to eat healthy (and actually like it) and improve their entire family’s health. The Eat-Clean Diet for Families & Kids teaches parents how to: feed their kids more nutritious foods, feed their families clean foods on a budget, prepare healthy meals without spending a lot of time in the kitchen, and how to get kids to engage in physical activity more often.

The Clean-Eating Lifestyle for Families

According to Reno, the focus of a clean-eating lifestyle for kids is not about physical appearance. With childhood obesity at an all-time high, children being diagnosed with diseases such as type 1 and 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, and high cholesterol, ailments once thought only to apply to adults, Reno suggests, “If our children are indeed the future of our country, then we are certainly heading for disaster.” It’s time for parents to take charge of their family’s health and the first step starts in the kitchen.

In her down-to-earth style, Reno gives parents the necessary tools to feed themselves and their kids foods that nourish their bodies instead of making them sick. Reno outlines the basics of clean eating and suggests avoiding certain toxic foods such as over-processed, refined foods, white flour, white sugar, trans fat, and artificial sugars. She also provides advice on how to clean up meals to ensure they’re healthy and nutritious, prepare healthy boxed lunches, and also suggests fun ways to get some activity in on a daily basis.

Clean-Eating Recipes for Families and Kids

The Eat-Clean Diet for Family & Kids includes quick and easy recipes for healthy meals kids enjoy such as Crispy Chicken Bites, Mac and Cheese, PB&Js, Sloppy Joes, and Homemade Pizza. Reno also includes tips on how to “clean up” birthday party menus but still provide fun party treats such as cupcakes and popsicles.

All of the 60 easy-to-follow recipes in The Eat-Clean Diet for Family & Kids are made with nutrient-rich ingredients that can be found in most supermarkets or health food stores.

How This Book Compares

The Eat-Clean Diet for Family & Kids does provide some of the same information that can be found in The Eat-Clean Diet, such as the basic principles of clean eating, foods to avoid and why; however, The Eat-Clean Diet for Family & Kids provides an honest viewpoint of why children are facing a health crisis and how living a healthier lifestyle is not impossible nor expensive.

This book also differs from Reno’s first clean eating book by expanding on how to eat healthy when eating out and includes real-life examples of what to order at McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Subway, and other popular fast food restaurants. You can also check the 3 week diet program which, according to some, works better than this book.

The Eat-Clean Diet for Family & Kids is full of useful information for any parent who wants to feed their kids healthier foods and needs guidance in getting started.

Keep in mind! You must not do this while, Ondeugend Chatten, online!

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "dating"Ondeugend chatten is a very exciting phase of anyone’s life. But the excitement comes wrapped in some serious points too which may demolish your joy to bitter experiences. Is this your first date! Confused what would lead your first experience to failure! Here are few points you must not do for a better date experience.

The primary thing that would attract anyone towards your profile is your pictures. Uploading old pictures would surely give you negative results. No doubt you should use a good looking pose but it should be recent.

Test your breath. Is it bad! That’s a minus point too. Having a bad or filthy smelling mouth would lead to halitosis breathe due to which you may lose the attraction of others on you. Hence before going for a face to face meeting, make sure you work on it with the help of a dentist.

Getting ready for your first date! Planned a group hangout! Wait, you are again wrong here. The first date should be private where only two of you should be involved in a chat without disturbance. Moreover taking your date with your friends would also be harmful if your date gets impressed by any of your gang rockers.

A major mistake made by approximately all dates is chatting about their ex-daters or ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. Talking about them and chatting on how well you dwelt with each other would give a negative impact on their minds as well as would carry the chat on a boring land where you only would be talking. Such talks lack interactions resulting to failure.

Henceforth, with mutual understanding, respect and confidence, one can go through positively for a successful Indeed chatten experience. All you need to do is simply work on your negative points.

Solomio- Cues for Women

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "dating"If you are habituated to online dating sites then you can validate a having feeling for someone that you have never met. One the milieu of digi-era which stunned the world with its features and benefits especially for singles who look for a companion in this New Year. Time has come where you have to explore online dating sites , where a new world can open for you. Women are taking a front seat when it comes to the relationship nowadays as the world is changing it perception slowly.

Solomio helps single women who are looking for authentic contacts where they can communicate and take the things forward. This site helps women to find a right person in the midst of hundreds of profile. When reading cues women are at their best and nature has given them special instincts lets contemplate few to find that right date

Spending Time – If he likes you then he will not mind spending an extra hour with you even on busy weekdays and if you are missing in action then he will ask at what time you can be online.

You Are Special –If he cancels all his plan for you like meeting his buddies on Friday night dinner or rugby tournament then defiantly he wants to be with you online.

Offline Messages – This is one of the biggest signs that he is into you. If he sends courteous offline messages when he can’t be online then he respects and thoughtful about you.

Taking Interest- if he is not only requesting for another picture of yours but yes asking about your favorite books, movie star or favorite cuisines. Guys talking only on your looks and how gorgeous you definitely shouldn’t be on your list if you are looking for a serious date.


Making your first Misolo experience a grand success

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "dating"Have you been striving to meet your perfect mate on your first Misolo? When it comes to first meeting or first date, it will be the most memorable and exciting thing in anyone’s life. Have you planned to meet your partner after spending a lot of time chatting and talking? The thrill it brings can be the best feeling you will ever have in your life. It is a mixed feel of fear, anxiety, nervousness and happiness. You must learn to manage it the best way.

You get nervous because of overthinking about your first Misolo experience. Do not overthink because it is a disastrous move. If you miss out the first opportunity, you may get a chance to meet your mate again. There are many things that you must take into consideration so that your first date will show is a way to your second date.

The plan for a date must be a mutual plan rather than one person planning and organizing the whole event.  When you plan for your first date, you must be very careful with your plans. Sometimes the weather would not support you or there might be some other troubles involved in executing the plan, so to make it simple, you must make sure you have a backup plan which can be used if your schedule goes wrong.

Take care of your looks and keep the plan neat and clean! Learn some manners and make sure you talk what is actually needed for that minute. Give chance for the partner to talk and express their likes and dislike. The way you behave on your first Misolo will help you for a second date so plan it really well and have a backup plan that you can quickly execute if the original plan fails.