3 tips for video marketing

Video marketing is very powerful these days. Why not use it for your own business? By video marketing, I really mean using videos in your ad campaigns. That means that your prospects will actually see the video instead of standard text or image ad.

So, what are the greatest video marketing tips that I can give you? Well, first of all, have 15 seconds videos instead of long and boring ones. Why? You have just enough time to arouse one’s attention to the point where he or she want to click on wherever you want them to go.

Best thing is, 15 seconds is not that long. You can create it easily. Even if you feel lazy, you can always use tools to make those videos for you. Here is Vidizi review which will tell you so much mroe about this amazing video creator. Create and customise vidoes and texts including text colour, background colour and moving effects. This article is not about this software though.

Anyway, another tip I would suggest is pay on impression basis rather than clicks. That also means that you will have to tweak and optimise your ad campaign very often. You will have to split test every single element of your video ad – headline, sub-heading, even video itself. Why? Because once you optimise to the point where you increase the click through rate, you get more traffic for the same amount of money spent. That is powerful.

Last suggestion I can give you is be patient. Also, set aside a certain amount of budget and spread it out through entire month instead of 2 days. That means that you will have longer campaigns and if you decide to split test once a day then you get 30 elements tested which will obviously increase your chances of getting your campaign optimised to the point where you pay peanuts.

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