Carrageenan – Harmful Or Harmless

Image associéeCarrageenan is a natural ingredient that is extracted from the red seaweed plant and is declared harmless by the WHO and FAO committee. Many food manufactures use this natural ingredient in their food preparation such as in making yogurt, Chocolate, non dairy milk, desserts and many more. It has been used with almost every packaged food that we buy from grocery store or from any shop. It doesn’t add any flavor nor does it make the food delicious. It is used to retain the moisture in the cooked food for a longer period of time so that it may feel soft and fresh while eating the packaged food. Doing so, the food wastage can be reduced on a large scale as it makes your food long lasting.

Benefits of Carrageenan

There are few benefits of using this natural ingredient. Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

  • Suitable for vegetarians: It is suitable for vegetarians as it is prepared by natural means and is extracted from a sea plant. There is no meat involved while creating the product.
  • Natural ingredient: It is extracted from natural sea algae and prepared using natural ways. So, it is perfectly natural and safe to use but in a limited amount.
  • In Medication: It is very helpful in treating many types of medical conditions and disorders such as constipation, Intestinal swelling and pain, cold and cough, ulcers and is also helpful in weight loss. This natural ingredient is mixed with many medicines, as well as in many weight loss supplements.

Harmful or harmless

This natural ingredient is made available in two types: Food Grade Carrageenan and degraded Carrageenan. Food grade type is prepared using natural ways and is also considered to be safe for using it in food products. Degraded Carrageenan is prepared using harmful acids and the prepared ingredient is of poor quality as well.

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