How To Cope With The Feeling Of Emptiness

No matter the life you live there will always be moments when you will experience negative feelings. From anger to sorrow, desperation, sadness, depression or emptiness – you will feel everything at least once in your life. And even though the events that brought you to this state are important, it is much more important how you manage to cope with them and overcome them. You can feel emptiness on various occasions and these states often manifest with a total lack of concentration, feeling like you do not belong to a place anymore or that the path you are currently on is not the right one. Here are some simple tricks to conquer emptiness:


Whenever you feel empty on the inside or simply have no clue about who you are or what you want, it is best to take some time off and meditate. Unplug yourself from the surrounding environments and persons and go on an introspection journey. Think about what used to bring you joy and find out what would make you happier now. It can be a rather insignificant place like watching a cheesy movie or eating some comfort food or going on a small shopping spree.


Think positive

There is an inner strength that comes out of positive thinking. Sure, this doesn’t mean going delusional or hoping to win the lottery tomorrow, but a rather realistic yet positive thinking may be successful.



Spending some time off enjoying the small pleasures of life could be exactly what you need at the moment. Forget about introspection if you do not want to cope with it right away and stick to the mundane pleasures. Get a good night sleep, go to a spa, exercise, go for a walk in the nature or swim. All these activities have in common one thing – giving your brain a well deserved recess.

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