Different Types Of Natural Estrogen Blockers

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "bodybuilder"Estrogen is mainly a hormone that is present only in female body, but it’s only a misconception because this hormone is found in both females as well as in males. In female, this hormone is found in very high amount as compared to men. In men’s body, estrogen plays a very important role as it makes sure that the body works properly. There are 3 types of estrogen that are found in the body such as estriol, estradiol and estrone. In men, estradiol is found that helps them to keep their brain and their joints healthy. It also helps the male reproductive cell “sperm” to produce as well as develop properly.

Estrogen is vital for the body but only in required amounts. Too much estrogen in a body can lead to hormonal imbalance and also affect the level of testosterone in body. High amount of estrogen level can also lead to many health issues such as  cardiovascular problems, obesity, prostate problems; risk of stroke also increases and much more. That’s why it is always advised to decrease and maintain the level of estrogen in your body. One should always use natural estrogen blocker that is free from any side effect.

Plants from which natural estrogen blockers are obtained

Wild nettle – this is one of the strongest natural estrogen blockers, this estrogen blocker is found in the nettle leaves and roots. This natural blocker helps in the medication of prostate. Taking this natural supplement can help one to improve the production of hormone level in the body.

Chrysin – this natural estrogen blocker is obtained from the passion flower, bee or from honey propolis. This natural substance blocks the production of estrogen and increases the level of testosterone.

Maca – this natural blocker helps the women to increase or improve their fertility and helps the men to control the level of estrogen in body and also block the high amount of production.

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