About The Famous Personality Mark Hurd

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"This world is full of famous personalities out of which many have got their name because of their background while many are there who have reached this position because of their hard work and dedication. One of these personalities is Mark Hurd CO-CEO of Oracle Corporation. He contributed a lot for oracle because of which he is at this position. He started his career by becoming one of the members of sales department in NCR Corporation. Later, because of his willingness and dedication he was given the position of Co-CEO. Apart from NCR Corporation, he has also worked as a CEO in HO and now he is serving as a CEO in Oracle.

Some important decisions of Mark

CEO Mark Hurd always focused on the welfare of the customers and his main aim was to satisfy their needs and to make sure that they are getting the advantages of their technology. He takes decision after analyzing and doing necessary research and taking the views of the customer. His decisions are truly focused and most importantly are taken after considering all the important members no matter whether they are shareholders, investors, financial supporters or board members.

His strategies are quite risky but they always proved to be effective and efficient and all these things led to successful growth of the Corporation. Along with success in professional life, he is also successful in his personal life. He is not only a good businessman but he also proved to be a good husband and father. Mark has received many awards and other memorable achievements and his name was also listed many times in famous business magazines such as Forbes, 2.0, CRNs and many more. It is ascertained that after joining Oracle he brought many changes in the field of technology and he upgraded it 30 years more with the help of his leadership quality which is quite important for any businessman.

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