Guys? Here’s what you need to know about your first date.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "dating"The first impression is indeed, the last impression.  Creating a first good impression will go a long way in making the date a memorable one.  Make sure you dress well, take care of your basic hygiene and make sure you carry yourself well.  And be confident – confident still remains the best accessory one can sport!


Be on time.  Even if it means you are there a good 15 minutes earlier. Women hate having to wait for a guy; but do be more forgiving if she is a little late coming in.


Make sure you compliment her only if you genuinely feel she deserves it.  For example, if you notice she has taken pain over her hairstyle, say so.  But don’t mouth empty words just for the heck of being nice.  Women can sense phoniness in a man – so be genuine.  This also does not mean you are tight-lipped and never say a positive word! Observe her keenly, and if you notice anything good, be generous in your compliments.


Expect her to be as nervous as you are.  So, when she arrives, spend the first few minutes trying to help her relax.  Maybe you could fetch her a soft drink, and loosen the mood a little with some light-hearted banter. This should help her settle down so that you can now talk about more relevant things and get to know each other better.


And, for God’s sake, put your phone on the silent mode.  Nothing can be more frustrating for the woman than a man who keeps fidgeting with his phone, while she is trying to make conversation.  If there is a very critical call that you absolutely have to attend to, do so, but only after briefly telling her about the urgency of the call.  And, once you are through with it, do apologize to compensate.


And finally, if you are getting yourself stuff to eat and/or drink at the coffee shop or restaurant or any other place you went to, do offer to pay.  In all probability, a self-made and independent woman would offer to pay too, or at the very least, would want to go Dutch.  But, it is never out of fashion for a man to be chivalrous. So, do the honours and leave her with a lasting impression! Man zoekt vrouw can be fun, with a little planning and care.

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