If Looks could kill!

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "dating"Hello, young lady!  Just confirmed a date?  So, wondering what to wear to create that lasting impression?  You are not alone.  For all those looking for some help, this is meant to do exactly that.

Depending on the season when the man zoekt vrouw plan is on, make sure you dress keeping in mind the natural elements.  You don’t want to keep shivering in the cold, if it’s winter just because you wanted to show off your well-toned arms in that sleeveless tank top! Dressing sensibly is the first thing to keep in mind.  Also consider the tone of the date – is it a causal outing to a movie, a coffee shop or it is something more formal, like dinner in a top-notch restaurant.  The former calls for a causal outfit – you can rely on your favourite pair of skinny jeans to do the job for you – team with this one of your perky tees or a soft, flowery tunic.  If a formal dinner is the occasion, wear something more dressy, maybe a silk maxi dress.  Choose colours and fabrics that are known to compliment your looks.  And make it’s a well-fitting dress – neither too loose nor too tight. Do not wear revealing costumes on the first date – this can easily send across the wrong message – you do not want to be viewed as cheap and ease game.


Where make up is concerned, if your unsure, a safe option would be to go for less.  Keep it as close to your natural look as possible. With day-time days, you could easily get away with just a touch of your favourite lipstick or that smudge-free kohl-lined look.  For evenings, a slightly more enhanced look with a touch of colour on the cheeks would more in your favour.


Wearing jewellery or not is purely a matter of personal choice.  A string of how-quality pearls would be a classy dinner outfit accessory with a clutch in a matching tone to highlight the sheen of the pearls.  Casual movie dates can get away with a touch of funky jewellery.  However, do not wear loud, screaming pieces, no matter how much they complement your looks.  Simplicity does remain the highest sophistication anyday!


Most young ladies are hesitant on whether to wear a perfume or not.  Wear one, it adds a sense of intrigue; however, do make sure you keep bare enough to just pass on a fragrant whiff.  Do not over douse yourself – you do not want to end up smelling like a perfumery! Also, a lot of men are not very tolerant to strong smells – they could end be easily put off by your fragrance – so, remember, minimal is always a safe rule.


Finally, no matter what you wear, make sure you are perfectly comfortable wearing it.  Nothing kills a date more effectively than a nervous woman fidgeting with her clothes. Be yourself and give him the expression that no matter what you wear, you will always carry it off effortlessly with aplomb!


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