Lindy hop and travel the world

Hi, I have been blessed with my work. Business, actually. While I am not dancing (which I do most of the time), I run part time online marketing business. The thing is, for work, all I need is wi-fi and my laptop. Therefore I not need to take days off from work whenever I am travelling. And believe, I travel a lot.

What I love about lindy hop and swing camps is that there is something going on every single week. I mean, it has grown to the point where several camps are going on at the same weekend. That is quite annoying, especially when two really good camps are happening at the same weekend – it’s very hard to choose which one to attend. Friends, teachers and bands usually are the factors that influence my choice.

Anyway, I want to talk about the whole travelling idea. The thing is, each huge city or capital of the country has at least one festival per year. London, for example, has 4 big festivals per year. There are also many one-off weekenders and workshops.

However, when travelling, each huge city or capital also provides the city tours for the lindy hoppers. It is normally a free activity included with the festival ticket (pass). So you arrive to a new city for the weekend, or maybe for the whole week and then you are able to dance at the pre-party or the festival opening party and then, the next day, you visit the city with your newly made friends. This is very convenient and easy way to find new friends … or lovers, in some very rare cases.

If you think that you need to pay a lot of money for hotel or accommodation, you are wrong. Sure you can pay if you want to but you can also get hosted – stay at another lindy hopper’s home during the duration of entire festival. That saves a lot of money and you make better friends with your hosts than other lindy hoppers.

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