Say NO to facial hair! Best epilators for face is here!

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "epilator face"Facial hair is a cause of concern for almost all women however the gravity of the situation increases in some women who have thick coarse noticeable hair. Their self esteem takes a dip and move southward and they try our various methods to get rid of the unwanted hair. Two of the most popular methods is waxing and shaving. Both these methods fail to bring in a long term relief as they are unable to pluck out the deep rooted ingrown hair and suffer from quick re-growth.

The good news is, best epilators for face is here to stay and has brought along tried and tested benefits. Bleaching, threading and depilatory creams have a short term unsatisfying effect that has paved the way for epilators for facial hair. Some facts are significant to note before you zero in on a specific epilator from a host of choices to suit your need and lifestyle.

Why epilate your face? The epilator pluck out the hair from its roots thus weakening the root and it will take longer time to re grow unlike the quick growth that is associated with bleaching, threading, waxing and shaving. The growth of hair is stunted with use of epilators and the hairs are soft and fine making it less noticeable hence you need not epilate your face more often. Since epilating can be painful, the lesser need of epilating is great news for women. The skin feels soft and smooth after epilating and stays on for 2-3 weeks.

Decide on electric or manual epilator depending on your lifestyle and budget. Epilators are available in open market to suit different hair types. For example, we recommend you use Bellabe spring for softer, finer hair but Braun for thicker denser hair and Emjoi AP is best if hair growth is a result of PCOS.

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