The toughest niche to crack when it comes to SEO

Often times I get asked, what is the toughest niche? Now, apart from gambling, adult and escort seo, which are probably the toughest ones, I’d like to talk about less dodgy niches.

In my 10 year experience in doing SEO for various companies and brands in various niches and stuff, I realise that there are quite a few that are quite a few niches that are quite tough. One of those is anything to do with luxury brands – be it luxury watches, luxury accessories, handbags, etc … the internet is full of fake websites and products. It’s over-saturated niche which needs cleaning!

Another really tough one is anything to do with insurance. There were days when people had 50 blogs in insurance niche and would rank them easily (I am talking about 5 years ago or so) and then made at least a thousand dollars a day. Gone are those days.

Anything to do with weight loss, burning fat and fitness is also tough. This niche will not go away because people will always get fat due to bad diets and fast food. Therefore, people will always want to lose weight. People will always want to gain muscle and keep fit. This niche is never-ending, just like new sites being built on daily basis.

The last but not least – dating. Dating is huge with a lot of money to be made but it is also very hard to do SEO for. Humanity always need to re-produce and in current world of technology and fast flow of time, people don’t have time to meet their soulmates in real life. Online dating comes in very handy. Yet, there is a need to meet someone to create a family life.

So there you have it, those are all tough niches to get into, especially, if you are beginne SEO specialist. Without own resources it would cost a ton of money to rank for even long tail keywords.

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